As we are slowly stepping into the zero marginal cost economy (1), AI needs data and it’s starting to make economic sense to pay for the data. The European Union's way of returning ownership of data to its originators, the GDPR, has global effects (2) and it is predicted to cripple the ad revenue machine (3).
We can already witness a steep decline in behavioral ad targeting and a comeback of the contextual ad targeting (4) as a result of GDPR, and I believe it is safe to say that globally ownership of data will be returned to its generator, through regulation, more and more as the awareness of its value (5) increases.
As the behavioral targeting is more than two times more effective than contextual (6), the time and context seem right for a start-up to take the first mover advantage, create a data market place settled in XRP and hence improve XRP liquidity and depth.
xData is an idea for facilitating transfer of ownership of advertising data in compliance with article 7 and recitale 32 of GDPR, in which the user agrees to have advertising data collected in exchange of an amount of XRP. I am writing white paper covering the entire project, from the first version in the form of a browser plugin to the long term development of independent AI negotiation between the advertiser and browser bidding bots. If the Board has a genuine interest in this project, I can speed up the writing.