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xData - an XRP driven data exchange
As we are slowly stepping into the zero marginal cost economy (1), AI needs data and it’s starting to make economic sense to pay for the data. The European Union's way of returning ownership of data to its originators, the GDPR, has global effects (2) and it is predicted to cripple the ad revenue machine (3). We can already witness a steep decline in behavioral ad targeting and a comeback of the contextual ad targeting (4) as a result of GDPR, and I believe it is safe to say that globally ownership of data will be returned to its generator, through regulation, more and more as the awareness of its value (5) increases. As the behavioral targeting is more than two times more effective than contextual (6), the time and context seem right for a start-up to take the first mover advantage, create a data market place settled in XRP and hence improve XRP liquidity and depth. xData is an idea for facilitating transfer of ownership of advertising data in compliance with article 7 and recitale 32 of GDPR, in which the user agrees to have advertising data collected in exchange of an amount of XRP. I am writing white paper covering the entire project, from the first version in the form of a browser plugin to the long term development of independent AI negotiation between the advertiser and browser bidding bots. If the Board has a genuine interest in this project, I can speed up the writing. (1) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/287967463_The_Zero_Marginal_Cost_Society_The_Internet_of_Things_the_Collaborative_Commons_and_the_Eclipse_of_Capitalism (2) https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2674010 (3) https://www.gartner.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2018-10-16-gartner-unveils-top-predictions-for-it-organizations-and-users-in-2019-and-beyond (4) https://digiday.com/media/personalization-diminished-gdpr-era-contextual-targeting-making-comeback/ (5) https://www.economist.com/leaders/2017/05/06/the-worlds-most-valuable-resource-is-no-longer-oil-but-data (6) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Targeted_advertising#Behavioural_targeting
New Movement - Vision of Transcendence
Hello, I help run a profound mindpower experience and movement called www.visionoftranscendence.org We want to do to the spirituality and organized spirituality industry what ripple wishes to do to the global finance industry. We are aware that Ripple will bring great transparency to the financial world, which is a world that has done alot of harm to other people. And Vision of Transcendence also wishes to bring transparency to the world of spirituality which has also harmed many people. We need help to get this moving hard. We are aiming to become a worldwide movement with a charitable division to provide the most profound guided meditation experiences and wellness optimization systems. We want to provide mystically fulfilling mindpower that is also in line with modern science - to transform and improve the soul of humanity. We offer unparalleled forms of guided meditation, sound & other energy-enhanced healing, mind transformation,, and wellness optimization systems. We want to implement a a hierarchy based on the absolution of mental illnesses and taints on the mind. Internally, at a later phase, we want to have everything imminently tracked with software/apps based on ripple-based ledger technology to be the basis for all matters that need to be tracked within the charity's communities, but also to represent the logging and valuation of any contribution (or demerited transgression) that helps to efficiently grow and expand the org and its charitable missions; to assess and valuate/demerit the conditions of a mind and it's levels of mental illness; to log and categorically valuate any correct contribution to the progress of society with our charity being an automatic component of that process as represented by the spirit of the org; to log and categorically valuate any contribution that maximizes well-being and growth of the org and it's members; in addition to log and valuate all accounting-related matters. This protocol set would have as an inherent and automatic component - a direct delineation via the merit point system for actions that would be beneficial to the progress of the org and society, and a demerit point system for actions that would be detrimental to the progress of the charity and hence society as well. We will also be using energy assisted mind optimization such as sound energy healing also combined with trancranial healing energies on the electrical spectrum of magnetic, AC, and DC, and light spectrum energy protocols, combined with our therapeutic hypnotic meditation, as we believe our unique medley of protocols this will fix and alleviate many people's serious issues. We also want to set ledger-style verification of everyone's input into the charity relative to the valuation of any contributions as listed in the previous section. We also believe in the use of hyperledger so that person's mentally fit are to share confidential information set at different levels. We also wish to achieve higher contact protocols that are somewhat influenced by the Sirius Disclosure project/CSETI but our own version. Any potential visitors to our planet would only treat any of us on earth seriously enough to engage in proper relations if there was a set of people who had fully optimized minds that are not impaired in conscience and empathy, and hence fit for consciousness interfacing technology. Our chosen ambassadors of earth would progress through our Polyhedron of Ascension levels which are influenced somewhat by Buddhism and other similar practices of compassion. This polyhedron will be posted soon. We are starting with deep profound guided meditation experiences live off the floor and studio-produced. We will need to reach our first goal of 150,000 US so that we can more systematically activate our plan which involves studio audio recordings, more live events, apps, and an investment into our ledger and supra-ledger system. We will also like this to lead to a well advertised much larger second crowdfunder to begin setting the plan for erecting the Temple of the Subconscious and then the Temple of Transcendence, Temple of Ephiphany, and so-on across the world with sub-chapters. We want to be the "ripple of spirituality" the "lambo of meditation", and the ambassadors of earth. We need to quit our dayjobs to dedicate fully to this endeavor. Please check the desktop version of our site and sample audio. We will be having a series of crowdfunders on GoFundMe as well, the first of which is to be unofficially announced called the Vision of Transcendence Charity Fundraiser Part A And our next one will be called the Temple of the Subconscious followed by the Temple of Transcendence, Temple of Ascension, Temple of Ephiphany, and so-on. XRP Address: rGT84ryubURwFMmiJChRbWUg9iQY18VGuQ Destination Tag: 3286137946 Thanks Cosmic
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